Evatt Journal Vol 16, No. 1, February 2017

Welcome to a jumbo first issue of the Evatt Journal for 2017.

Essays & views

When truth becomes a commodity

‘Post-truth’ carries a catchy, advertising-agency ring, and that may be exactly what's wrong with it, explains Daniel Rodgers. [read more]

Nuclear weapons in a time of universal deceit

Telling the truth has become a revolutionary act, says Melissa Parke. [read more]

Greece's cash crisis

It's the economy stupid, argues the New York Times. [read more]

Trump and the future of progressive politics

This is a clarifying moment, suggests Tim Ayres. [read more]

Trump vs Turnbull

Get real, says Michelle Grattan. [read more]

Inequality updates

The Great $5.6m Post Office Scam

Carl Rhodes analyses a jaw-dropping rort at Australia Post. [read more]

Out of the darkness

Frank Stilwell shines a light on inequality. [read more]

China vs. the United States

A note on some new distributional accounts, by Christopher Sheil. [read more]

University challenges inequality

UNSW is aiming at the heart of the upheaval, reports Clare Morgan. [read more]

Eight rich men own as much as half the world

Global rich and poor, by Oxfam (press release). [read more]

An economy for the 99%, by Deborah Hardoon (Oxfam briefing note). [read more]

Does Oxfam's report stack up? by Peter Whiteford (assessment). [read more]

Anthony B. Atkinson: 1944-2017

Scholars mourn the passing of the groundbreaker. [read more]

Feature: The IMF, inequality & hypocrisy

On 13 February, Evatt Executive members Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell published an article at The Conversation, querying the sincerity of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in reducing inequality. The article was republished in The Huffington Post, The Wire (India) and numerous other places on the internet. Remarkably, the IMF responded with both an official press release and at The Conversation, where the IMF's communications director, Gerry Rice, replied in the comments thread. Follow the story:

The IMF is showing some hypocrisy on inequality

The article by Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell at The Conversation. [read more]

The IMF and a new global politics of inequality

The research by Alex Nunn and Paul White, on which the Sheil & Stilwell article was largely based. [read more]

IMF: 'we are walking-the-talk'

The IMF rejects hypocrisy. [read more]

Into the mainstream?

A brief reply to the IMF by Frank Stilwell at The Conversation. [read more]


Thomas Frank: Who is the forgotten man?

Thomas is in Sydney on 2 March in the Eastern Avenue Auditorium, University of Sydney. Registration essential. [read more]

Stan Grant: Annual Evatt dinner and lecture

Save the date: 22 April in Katoomba; full details soon. [read more]


Splitting Image

The landmark 1954-55 Labor Party split is re-examined in Arthur Gietzelt's posthumously published account. [read more]

The Wealth of the Nation

Evatt's new report on wealth inequality is now available for purchase. [read more]

The Tolpuddle Martyrs

The perfect gift for anyone who supports the labour movement. [read more]

Moving in the Open Daylight

The inspiring story of an Australian at the UN. [read more]

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