Evatt Journal Vol 16, No. 2, April 2017

H.V. Evatt Memorial Dinner 2017 with Stan Grant

The Evatt Foundation is now taking bookings for our 2017 Annual Dinner and Lecture, hosted in association with the Katoomba Branch of the ALP. We are delighted to have the acclaimed journalist Stan Grant as our speaker this year. The MC is Susan Templeman MP. The date is Saturday 22 April. The annual dinner is a public event, open to all, and booking is essential. Tickets include dinner. To avoid disappointment, do not delay in making your booking. [read more and book]

Essays & views

We stand up. We fight back.

Australia's new union chief, Sally McManus, goes to the Press Club. [read more]

Penalty rates

Turnbull must act, demands Ged Kearney. [read more]

The economics of the decision are perverse, explains Jim Stanford. [read more]

The briefing note on possible transitions by the Centre for FutureWork. [read more]

Renowned for her composure, Tanya Plibersek fires up. [read more]

The minimum wage

Enough with the failed experiment, says John Buchanan. [read more]

Renationalise the grid

Australia’s electricity grid is no longer fit for purpose, argues John Quiggin. [read more]

We may be at an inflection point

Time for realists to get real about nukes, says Ramesh Thakur. [read more]


Thomas Piketty and colleagues discuss the treaty to democratise the Euro zone. [read more]

The UK is disturbing its Celtic minorities, observes John Palmer. [read more]

The Age of offence

We must refuse to contribute to a populism that feeds on our outrage, argues Ira Wells. [read more]

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Nations have no excuse, observes Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein. [read more]

United Nations resources for eliminating discrimination. [read more]

Inequality updates

What did the rich man say to the poor man?

New research shows increasing segregation, outlines Bruce Badbury. [read more]

The vicious cycle of inequality & tax

Chris Doucouliagos can't find an answer. [read more]

Capital in the 21st Century, the movie

The adaption for the big screen has begun. [read more]

Evatt-related elsewhere

Engaging with the IMF on inequality

Frank Stilwell and Christopher Sheil recount the exchange with the IMF at Progress in Political Economy. [read more]

Vale Bill Leak: Don't remember him as just a reactionary cultural reactionary

Christopher Sheil reflects personally on Bill Leak at ABC News Online. [read more]


Australia's foreign policy in the Age of Trump

Join Frank Stilwell, Patricia Ranald, Brynn O’Brien, Karine Laroche and Gem Romuld at NSW Parliament House tomorrow, 6.00 p.m. [read more]

Stan Grant: Annual Evatt dinner and lecture

It's on 22 April in Katoomba; book now. [read more]


Splitting Image

The landmark 1954-55 Labor Party split is re-examined in Arthur Gietzelt's posthumously published account. [read more]

The Wealth of the Nation

Evatt's new report on wealth inequality is now available for purchase. [read more]

The Tolpuddle Martyrs

The perfect gift for anyone who supports the labour movement. [read more]

Moving in the Open Daylight

The inspiring story of an Australian at the UN. [read more]

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Support the ideals of the labour movement. [read more]


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