Evatt Journal Vol 16, No. 3, July 2017

Welcome to the July 2017 issue of the Evatt Journal.

News & views

The Petroleum Resource Rent Tax

A case of exceptional ineptitude, explain Frank Stilwell and Michael Vaughan. [read more]

Penalty rates fall

It's wrong, say 75 economists. [read more]

Who owns the world?

Finance capitalists, according to  David Peetz and Georgina Murray. [read more]


The OECD is rethinking, reports John Quiggin. [read more]

Australia sets economic world record?

Nonsense, replies Saul Eslake. [read more]

The UK election

Phony populism collided with the real thing, observes Fintan O'Toole. [read more]

The art of the real

Disinformation vs. democracy, by Katherine Cross. [read more]

Happy birthday ACTU

Bill Shorten pays tribute on the 90th anniversary of the peak council. [read more]

Inequality updates

Jenny McAllister wants to put the Productivity Commission to work. [read more]

Nicholas Biddle and Francis Markham look at regional inequality in the census data. [read more]

After Piketty: an agenda for economics and inequality. [read more]

AIME animates education and equality. [read more]

The Guardian joins the cause. [read more]

New inequality research on Australia, tax evasion and China. [read more]

Feature: History in the Age of Fracture

Is Australian history still possible?

Frank Bongiorno has a thoughtful look at the 1980s. [read more]

An honest history book?

Michelle Arrow launches a missile at recent mythology. [read more]

Whither the 'social' in society?

In a wide ranging interview, Daniel Rodger discusses the Age of Fracture with Christopher Sheil. [read more]


Inequality & the end of corporate tax

Register for Evatt's forum on the Fringe of the NSW Labor Conference, and check out the full Fringe program [read more]


The economy should be for everyone

New education and training materials, free and available now. [read more]


Dare to Dream

Don't forget to pick up Tom and Audrey McDonald's memoir at APHEDA. [read more]

Splitting Image

The landmark 1954-55 Labor Party split is re-examined in Arthur Gietzelt's posthumously published account. [read more]

The Wealth of the Nation

Evatt's new report on wealth inequality is now available for purchase. [read more]

The Tolpuddle Martyrs

The perfect gift for anyone who supports the labour movement. [read more]

Moving in the Open Daylight

The inspiring story of an Australian at the UN. [read more]

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