Evatt Journal Vol 16, No. 5, December 2017

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News & views

The cutting edge of inequality

Christopher Sheil has a quick look at the first World Inequality Report. [read more]

Why not protect all our rights?

Elizabeth Evatt reflects on religious freedom and same-sex marriage  [read more]

What use the Nobel Prize?

Tim Wright hopes the prize will compel Australia to rethink its nuclear stance. [read more]

Amazon's industrial relations

Sarah Kaine and Emmanuel Josserand consider the implications. [read more]

A historic tax heist

The NYT, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and others on Trump's terrible bill. [read more]


The 1917 General Strike

Lucy Taksa draws out 1917's lessons for today. [read more]

Universal Basic Income

The fight is there to be won, concludes Tim Dunlop. [read more]

The paradise papers & the top 1%

Are we at French Revolution levels of injustice yet? [read more]

Other info

The President's report 2017

Evatt's year in review [read more]

The Wealth of the Nation

Evatt's ground-breaking report on wealth inequality in Australia. [read more]

The Tolpuddle Martyrs

New stock just in! The perfect gift for anyone who supports the labour movement. [read more]

Moving in the Open Daylight

The inspiring story of an Australian at the UN. [read more]

Splitting Image

The landmark 1954-55 Labor Party split is re-examined in Arthur Gietzelt's posthumously published account. [read more]

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