Evatt Journal Vol. 18, No. 2, September 2019

The 40th anniversary of the Evatt Foundation

Please join us for a party on Friday evening to celebrate the Evatt Foundation's 40th anniversary and to honour Bruce Childs on his retirement from our executive. This is an occasion no reader of the Evatt Journal will want to miss. The speakers are Sally McManus and Tanya Plibersek. We will be serving canapes and drinks and featuring live music from 6.00 pm in the Strangers Dining Room at Parliament House, Macquarie Street. Tickets are $85.00 plus booking fee. [read more and buy tickets]

News & Views

The climate

In the wake of the global strike and on the eve of the UN Summit, leading scientists find that the change is accelerating. [read more]

Yes, the Great Barrier Reef definitely is in danger, recounts Terry Hughes. [read more]


Andrew Leigh finds that the incarceration rate for Indigenous Australians is higher than that for African Americans. [read more]  

Peter Martin reports on why you're feeling no better off than 10 years ago. [read more]

Meanwhile, up at the top end of town, median annual earnings reach $4.5m. [read more]

The rich can’t get richer forever, can they? [read more]

If the G7 were serious, they'd install a global corporate tax framework, argue Andrew Baker and Richard Murphy. [read more]

Will Thomas Piketty catch the zeitgeist again with his new book, Capital & Ideology?  [read more]


Who'd believe Donald Trump? [read more]

So much for the 'rules based international order', observes James O'Neill. [read more]

Australia has no obligation to support foolish and illegal acts, points out Paul Barratt. [read more]

The risks are many, says Tony Walker. [read more]


The ACTU shines a light on our dangerous workplaces. [read more]


Murray Goot debunks the myth that late deciders determined the 2019 election. [read more]

Can Elizabeth Warren bring ideas back into politics, asks Walter Shapiro. [read more]


Neil Young rages against streaming. [read more]

New Papers

Remembering the UDHR at its 70th Anniversary

Elizabeth Evatt introduces the Evatt Foundation's celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. [read more]

From good international citizen to pariah? The decline of human rights protection in Australia

Gillian Triggs assesses the record upon the 70th anniversary of the UDHR. [read more]

The continuing redistribution of Australia’s wealth, upwards

Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell critically analyse the latest figures from the Bureau of Statistics. [read more]

New Publications

Eleanor and Mary Alice

We have a limited number of the books of Peta Tait's play, Eleanor & Mary Alice, which was staged by the Evatt Foundation as one of a suite of events that marked the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. [read more] 

Other Events

Evatt AGM

It's in the Jubilee Room, NSW Parliament House, on Tuesday 8 October, 6.30-8.00 pm. Evatt members only. Refreshments. [A notice has been sent to Evatt members]

2019 Wheelwright lecture

Susanne Soederberg will talk on 'Displacements: Governing Spaces of Surplus and Survival in Urban Capitalism' on 17 October at the University of Sydney. [read more]

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