The Evatt Journal

2 September 2014
Contesting inequality; Feminism; Joe Stiglitz; Paul Krugman, plus more. 
1 July 2014
Hugh Stretton, Martha Nussbaum, Frank Stilwell, Barbara Pocock, Fred Argy, John Densmore, and more.   
11 June 2014
Piketty v. Marx; Christine Lagarde; Total-Abbottarianism; the budget, penalty rates, privatisation.
21 May 2014
Australia v. USA; OECD top incomes; Lord Abbott; the budget, unions & migrants.
24 April 2014
Capital in the 21st Century; 2014 Evatt lecture by Tanya Plibersek; feminism; free speech, and more.
8 April 2014
Labor's challenge by Neal Lawson; Barry Jones on liberty, fraternity and ... what was that other word? Reforming Qantas. 
15 August 2013
2013 Evatt lecture by Julian Burnside; election outlooks by Kevin Rudd & Ged Kearney; plus democracy.
12 July 2013
John Ralston Saul on stimulus & austerity; New Evatt report on productivity; Carmen Lawrence on Gonski; Sweden, plus more.  
7 August 2012
2012 Evatt lecture by John Faulkner; Doug Cameron on the Productivity Commission; Women & the UN; plus more.  
1 December 2011
2011 Evatt lecture by George Williams; Fukishima; reviving the strike; occuping Wall Street; refugees; public debt; plus more.