The Evatt Journal

10 June 2002
Edward Said on Israel; Tom Uren on ANZAC Day; terror; managerialism; Kim Beazley; Costello's Budget; superannuation; the waterfront; post-modernism; the socialist objective; PPPs; plus more.
19 April 2002
Human rights & industrial relations by Michael Kirby; James Tobin; the suburbs; higher education & the market; the Blair government; the NSW ALP; Palm Sunday peace marches; globalisation.
11 March 2002
Human nature by Peter Singer; Paul Keating on the Age of Distraction; international development; salinity; Tom Uren; children overboard; tabloid TV.
1 February 2002
Elizabeth Evatt on Australia's human rights reputation; Stuart Macintyre on 100 years of the ALP; Patrick Troy's vision for water; Frank Stilwell looks back; welfare & globalisation. 
19 December 2001
Nation-building in the antipodes; Roy Green on economic development in Ireland; Ghassan Hague on the shrinking society; John Ralston Saul on globalisation & democracy; President's report; plus more.