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Towards a circular economy 17 Oct 2019
Thomas Piketty sees a way to equality, the circular economy and participatory socialism.
How to be a successful leader 17 Oct 2019
The top 10 attributes of good political leaders, according to Gareth Evans. 
President's report 2019 16 Oct 2019
Evatt's year in review.
The White House knows it’s losing 11 Oct 2019
The scorched-earth letter masks self-inflicted defeats, writes Matt Ford.
'Louts, thugs, bullies.' 11 Oct 2019
Anthony Forsyth distils the myth driving Morrison's anti-unionism.
Bruce Childs & Gramsci? 8 Oct 2019
Bruce Childs is unmatched, says Christopher Sheil on Evatt's 40th.
Trump & Morrison 2 Oct 2019
The PM lands on the sticky paper, observes Michelle Grattan.
Welcome to 'Stupid Watergate' 29 Sep 2019
Why is this episode different, asks Dahlia Lithwick.
Hitting harder and sooner 23 Sep 2019
Scientists warn of the growing gap between targets and reality. 
The polls & the 2019 election 20 Sep 2019
Murray Goot debunks the convenient myth of the late deciders.
Meanwhile, at the top end of town 19 Sep 2019
Median pay for top CEOs reaches $4.5m, reports ACSI. 
Who'd believe Trump? 18 Sep 2019
There's a problem in responding to the attack on the Saudi oil fields.
Australia's second convict age 17 Sep 2019
Indigenous Australians have a higher incarceration rate than African Americans, finds Andrew Leigh.  
Capital & Ideology 13 Sep 2019
Thomas Piketty's new book.
Another official report doctored 12 Sep 2019
References to inequality doubling were removed from an AIHW report, finds Peter Saunders.
One last chance to save the Great Barrier Reef 12 Sep 2019
Yes, the Reef definitely is in danger, recounts Terry Hughes.
The rich can’t get richer forever, can they? 27 Aug 2019
Liaquat Ahamed reviews two new booka on the ideas that reshaped the world.
If the G7 were serious ... 26 Aug 2019
Install a global tax framework, say Andrew Baker and Richard Murphy.
Iran: a symptom of a dangerous disease 25 Aug 2019
So much for the 'rules based international order', observes James O'Neill.
Killing music 23 Aug 2019
Neil Young rages against streaming. 
Echoes of Iraq 22 Aug 2019
Australia has no obligation to support foolish and illegal acts, points out Paul Barratt.
Arguing the world 21 Aug 2019
Can Elizabeth Warren run for president and bring ideas back into politics, asks Walter Shapiro.
Urgently needed: Australian human rights 14 Aug 2019
It's official, says Gillian Triggs, we've been gagged. 
Four in five injured or ill due to work 14 Aug 2019
The ACTU shines a light on our dangerous workplaces.   
Iran: the risks are many 13 Aug 2019
Does the Morrison government have a plan?