The damage has not been fixed

Ged Kearney
Ged Kearney

We made clear demands to the Turnbull Government to reverse the damage done by Tony Abbott and to act to make multinational corporations pay their fair share of tax. I’ve spent today analysing Malcolm Turnbull’s budget - here’s the rundown.

The budget Scott Morrison has handed down, on top of Joe Hockey’s budget cuts, does the following:

Medicare: They have not reversed the cuts to Medicare meaning we will have to pay more to see a doctor and for vital tests like x-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds and pap smears.

Hospitals: $54.1 billion has been cut from our hospitals. This is a devastating amount of money and will cost us longer waiting times, fewer beds and less doctors and nurses.

Schools: They have broken an election promise to provide the extra Gonski funding our schools need to ensure every child has a great education. They have effectively cut $54 billion from our schools.

University degrees: They have refused to rule out $100 000 university degrees and deferred a decision until after the election. On top of this $4.7 billion has been cut from our universities.

Jobs: Their plan is jobs paying less than the minimum wage for young people, at $4 an hour jobs plus Newstart. There is no jobs plan whilst TAFE continues to be cut.

A fair tax system: Big corporations have been given huge tax cuts. Already 580 major companies pay no tax at all. All Scott Morrison did was close a few small loopholes, leaving the rest wide open. People earning under $80,000 get nothing but cuts.

The damage has not been fixed and now the election will be a referendum on Medicare, hospital funding, $100,000 uni degrees, Gonski schools funding, jobs and a fair tax system.

Ged Kearney is President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions.