Dare to dream

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Dare to Dream is a story of struggle and hope, a story about and for the countless numbers of people whose determination, courage and sacrifice changed Australia. Tom and Audrey McDonald are two of the most loved elders of the Australian labour movement with an extraordinary history of activism. Their cause took them from the factory floor to Moscow’s Red Square, from ASIO surveillance to Australia’s highest honours. This is a truly unique account of epic social and political change. Tom and Audrey's memoirs will inspire you in the quest for justice, equality and peace. 

There is no greater generation of trade unionists than Tom and Audrey’s. This is a book every trade union should read on what it took to win some of our greatest achievements and what it is to be a trade unionist. This is a book of wisdom to inspire us all.”

- Sally McManus, Secretary ACTU

In telling their story, Tom and Audrey McDonald tell a tale of this nation – of country farms, suburban industries, railway tea rooms, building sites, pub life, union offices, party political meeting and homes. This is a love story but, above all, it is a tale of people passionately concerned about peace, equality and respect. It is a diary of warriors for social justice. There is not one person in this country untouched or unaffected by Tom and Audrey’s lifelong political pursuits.”

- Bill Kelty, Former ACTU Secretary 

"This book is a must read” 

Senator Doug Cameron.

Hardcover 426 pages plus 32 pages of photographs. The book is available from APHEDA offices and select bookshops. The proceeds will help APHEDA - Union aid abroad

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