Gough Whitlam: 1916-2014

Gough Whitlam by Clifton Pugh

His achievements are not simply a matter for history - they are embedded in the living memory of our nation. Gough Whitlam catapulted Australia into the modern world. He claimed a place for us in the region and in international affairs. He educated a generation: funding schools on the basis of their need and opening our universities to all on the basis of their merit. He established universal health care and for the first time, committed the national government to developing the outer suburbs of our cities as well as regional Australia. He sought to right the wrongs of Aboriginal dispossession and he sought a place for all in this land we share. He transformed our country and the way we saw ourselves. Just as he set out to, he 'uplifted the horizons of the Australian people'.

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Image: Gough Whitlam by Clifton Pugh (AGNSW)