More education, less politics


The Productivity Commission’s new chairman, Peter Harris, ignored education in his first public address, said Dr Christopher Sheil, the President of the Evatt Foundation.

‘Mr Harris is nostalgic for the recessions of the 1980s and 1990s, when he found it easy to sell harsh policies’.

‘“Never waste a crisis”, was the saying he recalled in his first speech, looking back on the bad old economic days when it was easy to “impose on the public mind”’.

‘Instead of looking back, the new chairman should bring the Productivity Commission into the 21st century’ said Dr Sheil..

‘There is a great deal of confusion in Australia over the meaning of productivity, for which the Commission must share a lot of the blame’

‘Most people think it means working harder, when it really means working easier’.

‘The Productivity Commission should forget about playing politics and concentrate on education; education about the meaning of productivity and — more importantly for Australia’s real productivity — raising the quality of education and training’.

‘Most people think productivity means working harder,

when it really means working easier’.

Dr Sheil was speaking in advance of a public forum on ‘The Productivity Zombie’ to be held at Sydney Law School on Monday evening, 24 June.

Speakers include Professor John Quiggin from the University of Queensland and former WA Premier and Gonski panelist, Professor Carmen Lawrence.

The Evatt Foundation will release a ‘Q&A’ on productivity.

Press release issued on 23 June 2013. Click her to read the Evatt Q&A on Productivity