Nuclear power?

Prime Minister John Howard is promoting a "full-blooded debate in Australia" about nuclear power. He claims nuclear power could be a viable alternative that would help arrest global warming problems and protect against rising fuel prices.

The nuclear issue has been a settled one in Australian politics now for many years. As the world and - if the prime minister has his way - this debate heat up, the Evatt Foundation invites you to a public seminar on the question.


Richard Broinowski is Honorary Professor of Communications at the University of Sydney, a former General Manager of Radio Australia, a lawyer by training and a former diplomat with extensive experience in Asia and Central America. Richard has a 34 year history as a diplomat, including as Australian Ambassador to Mexico, the Central American Republics and Cuba; Australian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea; Australian Ambassador to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; and various other diplomatic postings in Tokyo, Rangoon, Tehran and Manila. He has a strong personal interest in nuclear safeguards. Richard wrote on the topic in Nuclear Nonproliferation: The Spent Fuel Problem (David Deese and Frederick Williams eds, Pergamon Press, 1979), and is the author of Fact or Fission? The Truth About Australia's Nuclear Ambitions, published by Scribe in 2003.


Frank Muller lectures, writes and advises governments and business on sustainable development, especially the challenges and opportunities presented by global climate change. Prior to joining the Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of New South Wales, Frank headed greenhouse policy in the New South Wales government, at the Cabinet Office (1999-2002) and Premier's Department (1998-99). He oversaw the development of world-leading strategies on cleaner vehicles, electricity greenhouse benchmarks and carbon trading. From 1990 to 1997, Frank worked in Washington, DC as Executive Board Member and Visiting Scholar at the Center for a Sustainable Economy (1996-97) and Director of Policy Research at the University of Maryland's Center for Global Change (1990-96). He served on the Economic Development and Jobs Working Group of President Clinton's Council for Sustainable Development and advised the White House and several State Governments on environmental tax policy.

"Prime Minister John Howard claims nuclear power could be a viable alternative that would help arrest global warming problems and protect against rising fuel prices."

Event location: Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney
Event time: Wednesday, 28 June, 5.30 pm for 6.00 pm
Event cost: $10
RSVP: Please phone Evatt on 9385 7137 or email

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