Paul Keating, not the musical, on APEC, in Sydney

APEC & its Pan Pacific Template

The Evatt Foundation proudly presents the Hon. Paul J. Keating to deliver a keynote address in the lead up to the meeting of APEC leaders in Sydney on 8-9 September.

Paul Keating is one of the major figures of recent Australian political and economic history and a major figure in the history of APEC. The Australian Treasurer from 1983 to 1991 and Prime Minister from 1991 until 1996, Paul Keating took an active role in establishing the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) forum, and initiated its annual leaders' meeting. This is your opportunity to hear from the nation's founding visionary on the eve of the first meeting of our region's world leaders in Australia.

"I think we can surely say that the Pacific's time has arrived."

"At the turn of the 21st century, I think we can surely say that the Pacific's time has arrived. For it is beyond question that the Asia-Pacific economy is, as a recent analysis concludes, "the dominating fact of modern economic geography, the most striking event in the economic history of the 21st century".
     - Paul Keating, California, 17 November 1993.

"The flight to Jakarta was Paul's first journey abroad as Prime Minister. In the cramped office on the plane between the officials' section and the Keatings' beds, Paul planned with Ashton, Don Russell and me what he wanted to tell Suharto: Indonesia and Australia are neighbours forever, they don't want our territory and we don't want theirs, we want to revive a long-term defence relationship. He wanted to tell Suharto that he and Bush had agreed that America and Australia had to be involved in East Asia to counter balance North Asia. So APEC was the way ahead."
      - John Edwards, Keating: The Inside Story, Viking, 1996, p. 452.

"APEC was built on the concept of the Asia-Pacific, on the notion that the United States would and should always be a major player. Keating believed in this emphatically. Better to bring the US in from the start and embed it in whatever structures and institutions evolved. Thus he suggested to Bush that the United States might consider an APEC heads of government meeting. It would signal a new era in the Asia-Pacific, an entirely new approach to the conundrums of its future. It was a very bold suggestion, and if Bush said he would take it on board it is possible he didn't mean to."
      - Don Watson, Recollections of a Bleeding Heart: A Portrait of Paul Keating, Random House, 2002, p. 78.

For scholars of APEC, workers, professionals and business people with an interest in the Asia Pacific, citizens interested in major public affairs and Paul Keating fans, this is the Evatt Foundation's recommended 2007 event.

Event location: Seymour Centre, City Road, Darlington, Sydney
Event time: 6 pm, Thursday 23 August
Event cost: Tickets $32 or $22 for Evatt members & concessions RSVP: Seymour Centre: (02) 9351 7940 or