The pharmaceutical industry & health care: Generation RX

The Evatt Foundation announces a new program that aims to bring films to notice that raise public policy issues worthy of discussion and debate. For those who wish to participate, after a short intermission, the films will be followed by a panel discussion.

Evatt members and the site's readers generally are invited to bring films to the attention of the Foundation to be considered for inclusion in this program. We would prefer new films, but will be happy to consider older films that raise current issues.

As the first film in this new program, we are pleased to announce the showing of:

Generation RX

This is a disturbing film by international award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller (Let Truth Be The Bias, The Promised Land) on collusion between pharmaceutical manufacturers and their regulatory watchdogs in the United States. Narrated by David Suchet (Poirot),it questions whether millions of children have been effectively forced onto pharmaceutical drugs for commercial rather than scientific reasons - with the risk of devastating consequences. Time: less than 60 minutes.

Read more about the film at this website.

Discussion Panel

Chair: Hon. Ron Dyer is Vice President of the Evatt Foundation and former NSW Minister for Community Services and Juvenile Justice.

Stephen Robertson has worked for the NSW Commission for Children and Young People for 10 years and is currently the Commission's Director, influencing. For much of this period, he has worked on issues of paediatric pharmaceuticals and children's use of medications, including advising NSW Health and other agencies.

Dr Yola Lucire is a forensic psychiatrist, medical anthropologist, and a leading proponent of personalised medicine, of genetic testing, to ensure that drugs do no harm. She has made some 500 reports to the Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee providing detailed medication information about adverse effects of antidepressants.

Dr Peter Parry is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who works in a community Child & Adolescent Mental Health Clinic in Adelaide. A Senior Lecturer with the Dept of Psychiatry at Flinders University, he has published papers on the overdiagnosis of "paediatric bipolar disorder" in the USA and the associated overmedication of children.

Location: NSW Parliament House Theatrette

Time: 6.30 p.m., 24 November 2009