The trouble with PPPs

PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships)

The next great privatisation debate

Event location: Macquarie Room, Southern Cross Hotel, Cnr Goulburn and Elizabeth Streets Sydney, opposite the Goulburn Street Parking Station, and a short stroll from both Central and Museum railway stations.
Event time: 7.30 am, Monday 26 August
Event cost: $12
RSVP: 9385 2966

It's time to stop, to get beyond the rhetoric, and to critically consider so-called 'partnerships' with private firms for the provision of public social infrastructure in Australia.

Like ducks in a shooting gallery, our State Labor governments have all lined up behind PPPs, and business lobby groups are baying for action.

But is private investment in public schools and hospitals in the public interest? Why are PPPs so deeply unpopular in the UK, where they are part and parcel of Blair's Third Way? Are PPPs just a disguised form of business welfare, designed to prop up Labor support at the big end of town? Are the State Labor governments just lining up for more versions of 'WA Inc' type financial scandals?

The Evatt Foundation is helping to get the information out. With the assistance of our website, where information is readily available on the subject, and this breakfast seminar, the Evatt Foundation is playing a crucial role in this debate.


We are fortunate to have two prominent speakers on this topic:

  • Maree O'Halloran, President, NSW Teachers' Federation
  • Dr Christopher Sheil, School of History, University of NSW, and the author of the widely acclaimed Water's Fall: Running the Risks with Economic Rationalism (Pluto Press: 2000)

The seminar will be chaired by David Carey, Federal Secretary, State Public Sector Federation (SPSF).


Breakfast will be served from 7.30 am, the seminar will commence promptly at 8.00 am and finish on the dot of 9.00 am.


Please RSVP to the Evatt Foundation by:

  • Mail: Evatt Foundation
    University of NSW
    Sydney, NSW, 2052
  • Telephone: 9385 2966
  • Fax: 9385 2967

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