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A historic tax heist 5 Dec 2017
The NYT, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and more on Trump's tax.
President’s Report 2017 30 Oct 2017
Evatt's year in review.
Congratulations to ICAN 16 Oct 2017
Nobel Peace Prize goes to Australia's ICAN.
The ABS is wrong 26 Sep 2017
Christopher Sheil and Frank Stilwell sort inequality out.
The myth about marriage 26 Sep 2017
Why recognise gay civil unions and oppose gay marriage?
Elections 26 Sep 2017
At the polls in New Zealand, Germany and Norway.
Lionel Murphy: 1922-1986 23 Sep 2017
Manning Clark's tribute to one of our biggest and brightest stars.
The Australian economy and its people 16 Sep 2017
The peak council reports on inequality.
A big blow for fairness 10 Sep 2017
Bill Shorten on taxes and trusts.
Nobel laureates focus on inequality 1 Sep 2017
Economics is turning to real life, suggests Steve Schifferes.
Fixing the Productivity Commission 10 Jul 2017
Jenny McAllister puts up a good idea.
Income inequality across Australia 10 Jul 2017
Nicholas Biddle and Francis Markham look at the census data.
New training resources available 10 Jul 2017
The economy should be for everyone is the theme of a new video training package, available free.
New inequality research 6 Jul 2017
New statistics on Australian incomes, tax evasion, and China.
Want to change the world? 15 Jun 2017
AIME has created an animated answer.
The art of the real 15 Jun 2017
Disinformation vs. democracy, by Katherine Cross.
The end of a fantasy 12 Jun 2017
Phony populism collided with the real thing, observes Fintan O'Toole.
Donald Trump talks to London 6 Jun 2017
Kevin Drum sums up eloquently at Mother Jones.
Economic world record? 6 Jun 2017
It's nonsense, explains Saul Eslake
After Piketty 23 May 2017
What's next for economics and inequality?
Another inequality project 15 May 2017
The Guardian joins the cause.
Dare to dream 6 May 2017
Two labour elders tell their story.
Penalty rate cuts will boost inequality, not employment 7 Apr 2017
Public letter from over 75 Australian economists.
Tanya fires up 4 Apr 2017
Labor's Tanya Plibersek is provoked on penalty rates in parliament.
A transition to nowhere 4 Apr 2017
Gradualism for penalty rates still leads to a bad place, explains Jim Stanford.