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On Africa, women & the future 30 Apr 2009
Quentin Bryce presents the address to the annual Jessie Street Luncheon.
The attempt to assassinate Khalid Mishal 30 Apr 2009
Paul McGeough's new book tells of political history, murder, intrigue and conspiracy.
Australian trade union membership rises 25 Apr 2009
There are 56,000 new union members.
Democracy & the Great Recession 17 Apr 2009
Market failure also spells democratic failure, argues John Keane.
The statute of liberty 14 Apr 2009
Andrew Lynch reviews Geoffrey Robertson's new book.
Enhancing democracy 10 Apr 2009
John Faulkner announces reforms to increase the freedom of information.
Join Quentin Bryce 24 Mar 2009
The Jessie Street Trust Annual Lunch at Parliament House.
Rights, courts & the constitution 23 Mar 2009
Stop, the dialogue model is going the wrong way, says Michael McHugh.
Economists speak out against carbon scheme 22 Feb 2009
Ten Australian economists have called for a science-based policy.
The financial & economic crisis 21 Feb 2009
What has happened and what can be done, asks Frank Stilwell.
One of the most influential Australians 19 Feb 2009
Michael Kirby lectures on the life and achievement of Doc Evatt.
Market fundamentalism 17 Feb 2009
Andrew Gamble on neo-liberalism and the debate between Kevin Rudd and John Howard.
Democracy is infectious 14 Nov 2008
The Evatt Ideas Festival opened by the Tasmanian Premier.
'Celebrating what it is to be human and free' 10 Nov 2008
Phillip O'Neill honours the Universal Declaration.
Sixty years ago 8 Nov 2008
Christopher Sheil reflects on the Doc, the UN and the UDHR.
Festival of ideas: dialogue on democracy! 5 Nov 2008
Evatt Festival of Ideas - Launceston
Robert McClelland on human rights 3 Nov 2008
The Evatt Annual Lecture.
The crisis of US hegemony 10 Oct 2008
Walden Bello looks into the future of the Asia Pacific region.
The world outlook 27 Aug 2008
Paul Keating's address to the Melbourne Writers' Festival.
Mentor: activist stories on film: project opportunity 26 Aug 2008
Ever wanted to learn about film making and be mentored in the process?
Mocking the rule of law 25 Aug 2008
Time's up for the ABCC says George Williams.
Jessie Street & human rights 6 Jun 2008
Elizabeth Evatt reflects.