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Evatt’s international legacy 12 September 2016
Andrew Mack imagines a more independent foreign policy.
The lessons of Michigan, Ohio & Pennsylvania 11 November 2016
Bill Shorten makes a statement on inequality.
"A landscape of revolutions" 20 February 2008
Richard Flanagan launches James Boyce's Van Dieman's Land.
"Temper democratic: Bias Australian" 19 January 2002
Stuart Macintyre finds a Labor Party that needs less orthodoxy, more improvisation and a democratic temper.
'A fresh point of view' 8 August 2002
Melissa Boyde reviews the life and work of Mary Alice Evatt
'Funny you should ask for that' 4 April 2002
Stuart Macintyre surveys the declines in the sciences, social sciences and humanities.
'Many deeds of terror' 29 August 2003
Naomi Parry rescues the reputation of an Aboriginal patriot.
'Mas': a memoir 8 August 2002
Rosalind Carrodus remembers Mary Alice Evatt
'Old Age Without Wretchedness' 18 December 2009
What would Thomas Paine see today, asks John Keane.
'White Slaves' & White Australia 29 September 2003
Raelene Frances looks at Australia through the trade in sex workers.
A certain fusion 13 August 2002
  Labor has fairer and better superannuation ideas, claims Nick Sherry.
A Charter of Rights for Australia 14 June 2009
George Williams spells out the case and corrects the myths.
A completely misleading description 12 June 2004
The 'free trade' agreement isn't, explains John Quiggin.
A critical role for the Evatt Foundation 26 October 2019
On Evatt's 40th anniversary, Sally McManus reminds us of the size of the struggle.
A heartland of instability 25 May 2007
Use the evidence based policies not moral vanity, says Marcia Langton.
A history lesson on Iraq 23 August 2002
Phillip Knightley recalls earlier 'regime changes'.
A human rights act 23 March 2009
Forget the 'dialogue' model for a bill of rights, argues Michael McHugh.
A permanent casualty 17 February 2003
Phillip Knightley assesses the state of his craft.
A remarkable woman; a feminist 17 April 2014
Wear your feminism proudly, says Penny Wong.
A second Enlightenment? 27 August 2008
Paul Keating reflects on the world outlook.
A time for reflection 8 March 2002
Paul Keating on Manning Clark, globalisation, reactionary Australia, the attack on Australia's institutions and more in the Age of Distraction.
A tribute to Jim Cairns 19 October 2003
Tom Uren says farewell.
A Trojan horse? 13 May 2004
The US trade agreement may corrupt Australia's pharmaceuticals policy, argues John Merson.
Achieving equality of opportunity 27 July 2003
Fred Argy discusses his new book.
America, after the wave 13 November 2006
The mid-terms: Tom Engelhardt writes from the US.