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PPPs in South Australia 7 November 2002
It's the third wave of privatisation, says John Spoehr.
Bond traders take on Costello 24 October 2002
Philip Baker backgrounds the Australian government's extraordinary debt policy.
What women want 23 October 2002
Australia needs a policy sea change argues Carmen Lawrence.
Postmodernism 3 October 2002
Who's winning modernity's cultural war?
Politics & the English language 2 October 2002
The times dictate republishing this classic essay.
Iraq & the war on terrorism 25 September 2002
Al Gore rejects the Bush Doctrine.
The ALP & cultural democracy 5 September 2002
The cultural challenge for Labor is to listen not lecture, argues Tony Moore.
The trouble with PPPs 3 September 2002
Christopher Sheil critiques public-private partnerships (PPPs).
The public good & public services 2 September 2002
David Hayward assesses community attitudes to privatisation.
A history lesson on Iraq 23 August 2002
Phillip Knightley recalls earlier 'regime changes'.
Ethics, politics & mutual obligation 22 August 2002
Jeremy Moss debunks 'mutual obligation'.
There are other ways 22 August 2002
Retire the '5 per cent Club', argues ACTU President, Sharan Burrow.
A certain fusion 13 August 2002
  Labor has fairer and better superannuation ideas, claims Nick Sherry.
Riders on the Storm 11 August 2002
John Densmore discusses the remarkable story behind the music of The Doors.
'A fresh point of view' 8 August 2002
Melissa Boyde reviews the life and work of Mary Alice Evatt
'Mas': a memoir 8 August 2002
Rosalind Carrodus remembers Mary Alice Evatt
Why manufacturing matters 3 August 2002
George Campbell discusses policy for manufacturing industry.
What role for Telstra? 28 July 2002
A Telstra break-up would be against the national interest, argues Ros Eason.
Undermining our best chance 8 July 2002
Kevin Rudd places Australia's International Criminal Court fiasco in context.
Refugees 18 June 2002
It's not a problem of national security; it's not a political or legal problem: it's a moral problem.
Social democracy & consumer capitalism 31 May 2002
Clive Hamilton's controversial address to the national left.
PPPs: A policy in search of a rationale? 29 May 2002
The justification for using private finance for social infrastructure is a sleight of hand, argue Allyson Pollock and her colleagues.
The maintenance of institutional values 26 May 2002
James Spigelman maintains his objections to the 'new managerialism'.
What Israel has done 17 May 2002
The question is, says Edward said: is israel willing to assume the rights and obligations of being a country like any other?  
Inserting a new dialectic 1 May 2002
Kevin Rudd on governance from the Evatt Foundation's latest book, Globalisation: Australian Impacts (UNSW Press).