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Australia's rich are on a roll

... taxes on immovable property; Reviewing other forms of wealth taxes such as inheritance taxes; Examining ways to ... falling behind in relative and, sometimes, in real terms. In order to tackle the increase of overall inequality, a comprehensive policy ...

admin - 7 Sep 2014

An economy in transition

... to embrace positive reforms in paid parental leave, flexible forms of childcare, as well as increased female participation in the workforce in order to keep our participation rate as high as possible. But of the three ...

admin - 7 Sep 2014

What’s at stake

... for help. About 40 per cent of the workforce are in various forms of insecure work, as casuals, or in labour hire, or on sham contracts.Not ... one of the first things he would do if elected would be to order a Productivity Commission inquiry into the Fair Work Act. The Business ...

admin - 7 Sep 2014

Understanding government debt

... trap’ if a government has to borrow yet more money in order to pay interest due on previous debt. This has happened in poor nations ... scrutiny. 10. The bigger problems relate to other forms of debt – household debt, foreign debt and ‘environmental debt’ – ...

Anonymous - 1 Jul 2014

Privacy Statement

... personal information. Personal information is requested in order to provide personalised and enhanced services that are not available to ... Internet as a transmission medium, when we use electronic forms to collect information we will also provide you with other options for ...

superuser - 17 Oct 2011