What are the guidelines for contributors?

If you're thinking of contributing, the following advice will probably be helpful:

Evatt Journal: guidelines for contributors

1. There are no hard and fast rules; except that the executive committee fully reserves the right to decide what Evatt will publish.

2. We mainly aim to publish material that would be suitable for a magazine or journal. The Evatt site is not an online newspaper. We place a premium on original, thoughtful, crisp and lively contributions that are at least one step removed from the daily news cycle.

3. Contributions cannot be inconsistent with the Foundation's Statement of Purpose

4. There are no hard limits on the forms of contributions: news, scholarship, opinion, reports, essays, polemics, speech transcripts, conference talks, briefings, reviews, stories, humour, and any and every other form of writing is potentially publishable.

5. Many contributors are academics but you certainly don't need to be an academic. Priority is given to Evatt members and authors associated with the labour movement.

6. We aim to promptly advise contributors about whether we'll publish their work, but this isn't always possible if we're busy or away, or if the work has to be refereed, or if there is a delay with our editorial committee. If you don't hear in a hurry, please be patient.

7. If your contribution is accepted it will often be posted almost immediately. But sometimes it might take a little time - sometimes weeks, maybe even a month or so if there are a lot of demands on Evatt. Please be patient. We'll email you when it's posted.

8. Although your contributions are physically posted as opportunities arise, the work is formally cited as published in the following issue of the Evatt Journal.

9. Contributions may be edited to conform to the site's house style (e.g., single sentence speech paragraphs are usually converted to conventional written paragraphs; capitals are taken down wherever possible, such as in the generic ‘government’).

10. There aren't hard rules about word length (the beauty of the web!). Shorter pieces of up to 1000 words will generally be posted as news items; longer pieces will be posted as papers. We generally don't like fussy material. Charts, tables and figures should be avoided if possible. We generally don't like endnotes because they're time-consuming, but can tolerate them if they're really justified (and we understand that sometimes they’re essential), If you peruse the site, you should be able to see pretty quickly what will or won't sit well.

11. We would appreciate an illustration and advice of relevant links. Please be generous in acknowledging and linking to sources you rely upon. Don’t be shy about referring and linking to your other work in the sign-off.

12. Your readers won't necessarily be specialists. Please think of that elusive personage: the average educated citizen who wishes to understand and participate in public debate.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss a contribution, please don’t hesitate to email. We look forward to receiving your contribution.